Welcome majestic you’re on the moon with your 3D printer

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Welcome majestic you’re on the moon with your 3D printer

I was looking Laurent Bourelly podcast (a french SEO), with my unicorn on the moon then I was surprise about Majestic Project to print the web in space.

What is majestic ?

Majestic is an american england tool for SEO (yes in Europe we are good too ! ). With this tool you can have some metrics about how a webpage have some Trust flow (is authoritative) and a Citation flow (backlinks). It’s a good indicator for checking who are competitors on keywords and how hardest to be 1st on google for this expression.

Ok here’s missing an affiliate link. and a screenshot

lune space majestic

lune space majestic Oh my god 0 backlink, 0 referrer ! Ok you are in 0 gravity zone on the moon. I need a backlink

Majestic international orbital station with made in space

Majestic have a project : go to the space station with a 3D printer.

Wow, Ok come on Dixon, with your printer I’ve got a lot of space. On the moon there’s only sand and stones.

Ok my website lune.space is too lazy to have a 3D majestic landscape

All details on majestic space project :


And the #hashtag is #MajesticInSpace to track it everywhere on social media you’re using.

Oh Dixon, you got your 1st backlink in space, can I have a backlink dofollow from majestic ? 😉

A big kiss in real life to @laurentbourelly at the search awards

Here you’re on the moon so there no attraction, this page will rank on  google for

Welcome majestic you’re on the moon

Fuck the relativity, your on the moon



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  1. Dixon dit :

    Merci! Although Majestic is very proudly NOT American. We are based in Birmingham in England.

  2. Dixon dit :

    Oui! Merci!:)

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