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Seo wix

So you need to rank on seo wix contest ?

How to be in 1st position on google with a wix website ?

Ok i would troll saying you just have to make a wix website beacause wix editor is far better than gutenberg for wordpress, then export your pages and post to switch to wordpress to rank.

Why free wix website are not in the 1st position at seo contest ?

The goal of wix is not about google ranking, but about marketing, they are far far billionnaires selling wix website, and i earn 0 € on my website lune.space even if i will be 1st on « wix seo »

It’s not really using wix that will rank your website, but the collaboration of your business and a SEO.

If you need to rank 1st (perhaps) on your business in france, create your wix website and call me baby 😉

Can I create an e-commerce with wix ?

Yes you can, but you can build a house with a fourth and sand, but it’s not the accurate tool to do it 😉