How can we do more with less ? We love SEO

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How can we do more with less ? We love SEO

Today is the « We Love SEO  » event, i’m writing this post and the international conf just began. I’ll try to published it before the end.

Test and learn SEO

You must learn from other, then test to know if they are rigth or wrong. Be skeptical.

Try new things. That’s new thing ?

Create Content for SEO

You must create greate content and user will love it. If users love it, google will love it.

Don’t forget to add CTA

Like this :

Want to be billionnaire ? Invest now !

You probably need content to contextualize with keywords for google.

What to do if a page doesn’t have traffic ?

Delete them (but don’t forget to do some 301)

Yes you can have an opportunity to wrote a better content like a content about technical seo at We love seo

Tecnical seo

What is technical seo ? It’s when you want to optimise your onsite. You can block crawler to prevent crawl on poor page with robots.txt then with .htaccess.

Oki not that, but you are here to learn 😉